Troy Jansen

Troy is the Director of Fun and keeps reminding us all of the joy to be had in life. He is learning every aspect of the business, and had his first chainsaw when he was 3 years old.

Upon graduation from elementary school, he plans on continuing his education in a more specialized field to be determined; but probably involving toys.

Carl Jansen

The founder and president, Carl is most comfortable with being the idea man and carving the "fancy stuff".

After earning his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design in 1989 at Arizona State University, he worked in the commercial arena for many years, managing design for custom fabrication of furniture and architectural metals.

View Carl's Gallery here:

Joyce Fergus

Joyce runs the studio with an unfailing eye for beauty and the ability to create the finest possible piece of art within the confines of the project.

She earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sculpture and has been devoting herself to her muse ever since.

View Joyce's Gallery here:

Pan Demeter Fire, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, Tempe, AZ

Cast Urethane plastic, 34" W, 2003

Mark Jansen

Mark is the engineering guru in the equation. He can solve any problem, and can always be counted on to discover the most efficient solution for a given set of criteria.

After graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, Mark worked in the technical side of the aerospace industry, specializing in such diverse areas as connectors, airbags, and rocket powered ejection seats.


Jansenart is a family business dedicated to sculpture. The principals share a dedication to art and custom fabrication; and are thrilled to have what most would consider to be a dream job. We absolutely love what we do and truly appreciate the opportunity to create such an amazing variety of artwork.