"Jansenart Logo "

Jansenart Studios, Gilbert, AZ

Polyisocyanurate Foam Prototype, 52" W, 2002

"BMW X3"

Various locations, USA

Sandblasted Acrylic, Edition of 66, 12" and 16" H, 2004

"Tower Caps"

Rancho Cimarron, Gilbert, AZ

Styrofoam with Acrylic Modified Concrete, 66" DIA X 16" H, 2005

"Caliber Signs" Star

Caliber Signs, Tempe, AZ

Brisco metal over Fiberglassed PIC Foam, 20" Dia, 2004

Pan Demeter Fire, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, Tempe, AZ

Cast Urethane plastic, 34" W, 2003

"Golden Apple "

Golden Apple Anti-Aging Center, Litchfield Park, AZ

24K Gold Leaf, Pigskin, Granite, Cherry Wood, 42" H, 2004


Sidewinder's Bar and Grill, Scottsdale, AZ

EPS and PIC foams with Epoxy Fiberglass, 72"L X 16" H, 2004

Sculptural signage is a specialty of Jansenart. Can you imagine the IMPACT of your logo in dimensional applications? We can, and would love to innovate with you!

"East Portico "

Saint Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church, Chandler, AZ

Polyisocyanurate Foam with Texture, 16' H, 1997