Officially launched in 1999; Jansenart grew out of several earlier attempts to integrate sculpture and business. The winning model was developed when we hit upon the concept of "Architectural Sculpture", meaning large scale, structurally sound and engineered methods that would satisfy general contractors and architects, in addition to interior designers and homeowners.

Over the years we have refined our methods and materials to suit the variety of projects we've been involved in. In addition, we have developed systems of design, estimating and production that allow us to provide maximum efficiency (and therefore economy) to our clients.


Our typical project is created with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam, or Polyisocyanurate (PIC) foam, commonly known as Styrofoam and Urethane. These engineering foams are carved by hand with a variety of mechanical means, and then sealed and coated with a very hard plastic, fiberglass or concrete; depending on the application and the budget.

We also use such diverse materials as clay, acrylic, polyester resins, silicone, wood, steel, aluminum, stone, LEDs, gold and bronze; just to name the most recent ones. We honestly believe that we can build anything; and are always looking for the best possible solution for the project criteria.

Pan Demeter Fire, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, Tempe, AZ

Cast Urethane plastic, 34" W, 2003


We love to keep things simple, so that we can spend more time and energy on the design and fabrication rather than administration. The first thing we do is meet with you at your home or office, or the job site. Then we have a lot of fun coming up with ideas and designs that fit what you want; and we usually come up with some very exciting ideas that stretch the boundaries of what was originally envisioned.

Then we sign an agreement with you, and proceed to create the artwork. We strongly believe in and practice open communication; sending emails with photos and progress reports so that everyone is kept in the loop, and problems are handled before they occur.

Jansenart is a group of artists and craftspeople who share a love of creating objects that are well designed and beautiful. We have pioneered the combination of fine art with industrial theming concepts and materials for the commercial and residential markets. We love the challenge of finding the elegant solution to a particular set of design parameters, and believe we have the creative and engineering resources and abilities to be successful with your project.